Disciple Like Jesus For Parents rated #1

by amelton on October 18, 2011

Readers at Christianbook.com have rated Disciple Like Jesus For Parents #1 for Children’s Spirituality. Published by Calvary Press in February 2010, the book addresses the problem of children leaving the church. According to statistics from independent sources, between 75% to 94% of children from Christian homes are permanently leaving the church when they depart from the home, and this calculates to over two million children per year in America alone.  Authors Alan Melton and Paul Dean point parents to Jesus as the model to follow in keeping their children in the church as productive followers of Christ.

“Parents feel powerless and exasperated as they watch their children do exactly the same things that children from non-Christian homes are doing. It is a shame that parents have their children for 18 years and are not transferring the Christian faith to the next generation. Jesus showed us the way to make disciples. Many parents are beginning to follow His ways and are seeing outstanding results in their families,” said Alan Melton, co-author.

Holly Andrews, Certified Biblical Counselor, International Association of Biblical Counselors

“Our world is rapidly changing, and our children are not facing the same battles of our youth. They are constantly battered with immorality, not only by unbelieving kids, but by kids who profess faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a daily challenge to raise godly kids in this ungodly world. After reading Disciple Like Jesus, not only was my life challenged, but God prompted our ladies’ small group to make drastic changes in our parenting methods. Our children are worth fighting for, and we’ve armed ourselves with God’s Word and with great insight from Disciple Like Jesus to help us win the battle! Thank you for stepping out of the pool of mediocrity in the parenting book genre. Your work has made an enormous difference in our family and in the lives of many other families in our church body.”

Dr. Craig Bailey, Director, Buncombe Baptist Association, Asheville, NC

DISCIPLE LIKE JESUS FOR PARENTS is a must-read for every parent in America. In an age when Christians routinely lose their children to depravity by the end of college, Alan Melton and Paul Dean show us how to stop the trend. Their practical application of Biblical principles of discipleship to parenting can rescue an entire generation from disaster. I urge parents to read this book and pass it along to every parent you know.”

Dr. Tom Cocklereece, Simple Discipleship

“Alan Melton and Paul Dean hit a homerun with their book and supporting materials under the title Disciple Like Jesus. Parents will find many ideas for spiritual formation in the home in this book and I highly recommend Disciple Like Jesus.”

For more information about the book, visit Christianbook.com.

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